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Indiana Non-Resident Carry

I have an Ohio Concealed Handgun License and have been carrying in Indiana for some time now as that state recognizes all other states' licenses. However, an issue has just been raised in the OFCC forums about the Indiana statute recognizing out of state licenses.

The Indiana statute states that out of state license will be recognized according to their terms. I am a retired attorneey and I read that to mean that if the state issues a license only for handguns, that is all that will be allowed. However, another poster stated that he had spoken to the State Police and was told that the foreign state's laws would appliy. I've never seen an interpretation of this type before and I'm wondering if anyone has any information in this regard. For example, in Ohio, the license does not allow someone to carry in a restaurant where liquor is being consumed. This restriction is not present in Indiana. I know that Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and other states do not so restrict foreign licensees and I would really be surprised if Inidana does as well, but I am the cautious type. I could find nothing enlightening in the Indiana code or case law.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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