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No... It's more like a .730 Nitro Super-Express that never was.

Look at the velocities. It's no shotgun.
This resembles a platform that could be attached to a vehicle or fixed turret guarding an industrial or mining site in the middle of the African savanna against charging wild animal attacks. No matter if it is a charging elephant or leopard or hippo. One hit from a load like this, it is going to be one shot, one drop, one instant kill. Period. End of story. 12,000 foot/pounds with a flat nosed big game bullet? HUBEL's latest update just said that he managed to get a couple of 415-grainers clocking at 3800 feet/sec...Close to .204 Ruger velocities. This can probably take out a Soviet BT-7 light tank from the 1920's. One hit to the engine compartment and game over.
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