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I am looking for a .22 revolver that is accurate enough.
I like the looks and feel of a ruger single six, but heard stories about it’s WMR bore size and its effects on accuracy with .22 long rife.
Don't worry about the bore supposedly made for a 22 mag and and made at .224 ID. I have never measured a 22LR bullet that measured .223. Everyone I have measured has been between .224 up to .226. More than enough to fill the bore. Plus the soft lead 22 bullets bump up to fit the the bore and chamber anyway. Every Ruger single action I have owned and shot has been accurate.

I did once take a Single Six and my box of assorted 22 ammo and shoot a couple of cylinders of each load. It was a real eye opener about how much variation in grouping you will get with different brands of ammo. Testing your gun is far more important than worrying about a .001 difference in bore size.

I shot my old S&W model 34 a few weeks ago for the first time in many years. I couldn't believe how accurate that little pistol was. Mine is one of the older Flat Latch versions I bought 2 decades ago for $250 OTD from a pawn shop. What a great field and trail gun.
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