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"...have not ever loaded for shotguns..." Read your manual. Same as you did for rifle/pistol. Some of 'em have shotgun data. Some do not.
"...what is the simplest press/tool..." What's your budget? Shotgun reloading kit costs a lot less than rifle/pistol kit.
"...cast for and load my own..." I think it's more trouble than it's worth. You can buy 5 pounds of #4 Buck for $27.99 at Cabela's. About the same at Midway. No endless searching for lead either. Lead has gotten difficult to come by due to its toxicity. Plus you need a furnace and molds.
However, Lee makes an 18 cavity mold(~ $55 each at Brownell's) that lets you cast a supposed 2,000 pellets per hour. Typical 4 buck load in 2.75" shells holds about 27 pellets per round. That's a whole 74 rounds of 4 Buck. 133 of 00 Buck.
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