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I'm not aware of anything like that.

Your cheapest option is the Lee Load-All 2. It sizes, primes, and (fold) crimps just fine. For a Lee tool, and especially a press that's so cheap, they're actually pretty decent.
Because they start out cheap, they still hold most of their value on the used market. I prefer the original version (just the Load-All, not the '2'/'II') for the metal base, but that's just me.

The next step up, in my opinion, would be an MEC press or the discontinued RCBS 'Mini Grand'.
The MECs are commonly found second-hand for less than half the price of new.

If you want to roll crimp anything, the BPI crimp tools work very well. Just keep some 'scrap' hulls around so you can warm the tool up and regain the feel for using it before crimping shells that matter. I use mine in a drill press, but it can be done with a cordless drill.
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