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My wasr 10 experience. rethink century

My father and I use this same account, so if you notice the post claiming to have never shot an AK that's because HE's never shot one. I have.
Anyway, people say wasr's have bad furniture and screwed up sights. People say AK's are inaccurate and that they kick like a mule. And that they're heavy.
My wasr 10 is current production. 2018 manufactured. It is lighter in weight than my AR-15 was. Truly. Idk if my free float handguard sucked or what, but it is. It's also as accurate at the 25 yard mark with iron sights. I haven't shot it further because I haven't yet made it to the distant outdoor range with the AK. Plan on waiting till I have the scope I want. Then I'll just sight it all in correctly. Accuracy difference should show then.
The wood furniture is nice. Perhaps it used to suck or perhaps I got lucky, but the guys at the shop were impressed. One dude said, "Maybe I need to rethink century."
Well, maybe he should. Maybe you should, too.
The sights were canted but I don't really care. They are still well within the range of mil-spec (or whatever) and I found I had plenty of clearance to sight the thing in. Rivets are clean. Fit and finish are ok.
The pmag it came with locks in perfect and without wobble. The steel surplus I got didn't lock in when loaded. I can see how that's a problem for some people, but it isn't for me. I like 20 round Ak pmags. I just do. And they work perfectly so what the hell? Maybe they won't withstand AK pushups. Guess what? I don't do Ak pushups. I use bench press like a real American. And I shoot off a bench at the range. Because I'm a civilian and not a soldier in a war. So I'm good with my 20 round pmags.
I didn't want to shoot it till I got my muzzle brake (or compensator, I forgot which is which). It's the Spikes Tactical Dynacomp. Perhaps that product is just exemplary, but I was quite shocked at how minimal the kick of the Ak was. People act like shooting an Ak is like getting punched by a gorilla. But it shot with a tid-bit more force than my Ar did. And my Ar was like shooting a pellet gun. So, you know, it just wasn't bad. It was easy, even. Not easy like an AR or like my hi point carbine in 9, but easy.
Not much more to say. I'm eager to scope it up and switch out the furniture. Just thought it was worth reporting my experience.
Century Arms guns maybe used to suck, but from what I see they're great now. As long as you steer clear of the RAS47 and C39. They probably ok, but I don't want something that'll start to break at the 2k round mark.
But that's just me.
Happy shooting.
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