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Vaqueros are all centerfire revolvers. None of them are chambered for 22 Long Rifle.
While that statement is true, Ruger did make a fixed sight Single-Six, which is along the same lines as a Vaguero.

This is one of the 50 anniversary Single-Six's. I believe they did offer it in a standard version for at least a while. The main reason for bringing it up is to sort of dispute the notion that the fact that is also has a 22 Magnum cylinder hurts the accuracy. There just isn't that much difference. Maybe in theory, but not in the real world. Even with it's hog trough fixed sights, this one is plenty "accurate enough" for soda cans, or pine cones. I've even managed to scare a squirrel or two.

Does anyone have any knowledge about Dan Wesson’s revolvers?
Accuracy, reliability etc... compared to m17 or 617 for example
I've owned three or four Dan Wesson 22's over the years. They shoot like laser beams, and are as reliable as an anvil.

The only down side to them is they are HEAVY. They're made on the same frame as the 357's, which is closer to a Smith and Wesson L than it is to a K frame. The much smaller hole in the barrel and cylinder leave a lot of weight. Not a problem if you're just shooting at the range, but in the field, it's a LOT.

I've settled on the Smith and Wesson K-22, Combat Masterpiece as my standard for 22's. It doesn't get shot much anymore. I find shooting 22's at the range to be about like watching paint dry, and I don't get out into the field much anymore, but this one, from 1953, stays here.

Another that is seldom seen, that I've got some experience with is the old Taurus Model 96. A more or less copy of Smith and Wesson's Model 17, it's a sleeper. The one I had shot very well. I should have kept it.
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