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If you relaod I'd strongly recommend a 28ga. once I started shooting mine, I never looked back. Never shot a 20 that was anywhere near as nice to shoot. Drawback is the cost of ammo! Target loads run somewhere around $12 a box! But tell you what, it ever catch's on and it will run the 20ga out of town! In 12, 16 and 20, target's loads are fairly easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. When I had a 12, I loaded everything down to match target loads and adjusted the shot size to work on what I was hunting. Same with my 16ga and 28ga now. Seldom go with the 16ga any more, that 28 is out of this world!

I would not suggest a pump action or auto with a recoil operated action. Your girl might be able to handle it but then again she might not too! Gas operated auto! Looking at new 28ga's, I've noticed the Tri Star shotgun and for a first, I'd certainly give it another look! Also the Franchi is one nice looking gun. I think for a small woman you not really gonna find a gun that fits her, you have to get a gun and make it fit. That in mind I'd look for a max 26" barrel probably with choke tube's. Hate the idea of tubes but they really open the door with shotguns. Suddenly you have a hunting and a competative gun just by changing the chokes.

Get a gun and then have the stock cut to fit her. I'm sure you know that there is no gun made to fit anyne in particular. They are made to fit the average person and we adjust to them from there or have them adjusted. I adjust myself.

My grand daughter is bigger than average and my son want's to get her to shoot his 20ga. I don't think that's a great idea. Instead I'd want her to try my 410. Let's face it, it's about getting them started, not seeing how much punishment they can handle! Neither gun will fit her, she'll just have to adjust
to them. If she was already shooting shotguns and I was to get her one, I'd let her choose one. But she doesn't so getting her one I think no doubt in my mind, gas operated semi auto! A 410 or a 28ga SxS would be easy shooting also.

Speaking of the 410, it would be a great starter gague. Young people starting out, even older people starting out, learn to shoot what they are given to shoot! I am not so good with my 410 but I am adequate with it. Never started shooting it till my late 60's. Mostly used for shooting pigeons for my dog's. No doubt in my mind it would go a good job on grouse and quail!
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