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To date there has never been a reliably confirmed snake of any species that long (longest is the reticulated python, heaviest is anaconda). But if there was, i think everyone has the right idea with shotguns making sense. Most real world option being a 12 gauge 3.5” buck round, ideal choice being a 4 bore or something along those lines, with a lot more buckshot. Snakes are super muscular and apart from the spine/brain don’t really have any massive bone structures or joints that can be destroyed for an instant stop/anchoring effect. Shotguns increase the likelihood of striking the CNS, a very small and moving target within a misleadingly large and hard to kill creature. If not a shotgun then a powerful rifle using lightly constructed bullets going really fast so as to destroy as much soft tissue as possible as again there’s not much benefit to deep penetration and joint busting ability on a long skinny critter with no joints. The only exception is if you want to shoot it lengthways. Do you think the 600 overkill with solids could make a Texas heart shot through 30 feet of snake with straight line penetration?
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