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The Marine front sight hood is larger and made of heavier (hardened) steel. Unlike the standard hood it is not meant to be removed, when you install one or try to remove it you'll see why and they will scratch the heck out of the front sight base. Being larger and taller the tip of the front sight stays generally centered, regardless of the A thru E blades. There are pics out there for comparison (I don't feel like going through the post-a-pic process right now). Anyhow, these are not to be confused with the Marine #10 sights earlier mentioned, they did not use very many of those for very long. They only had an advantage under certain conditions and they realized it wasn't worth the hassle, eventually going back to the standard sights later on. The USMC hood was much more widely used than the #10 sights and was not exclusively a #10 sight accessory.
BTW as of the last couple years if you find original ones for less that $75/$80, it's a good deal
I got one years ago and it made such a difference I bought them for every 03/A3 I have, they're nice.

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