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Antelope is my Wife's favorite animal to hunt. She just loves to stalk and antelope are "all eyes and legs" and if you don't do it right you don't get a shot. If they do a "quick run" you find the go over 1000 yards in just 1 minute. They have eyes like a raptor, but do not spook from smells and sounds as readily as deer or elk do. However if you make a noise they don't like, or if the smell you, all their eyes turn to you, and that can be a real problem in getting closer.
Here she is with last years antelope.
Anna's Antelope 2 by Steve Zihn, on Flickr

She got one a few weeks ago too.
Picture0922180833_1 by Steve Zihn, on Flickr

She also loves the meat. The strong gammy flavor of antelope is misunderstood by most hunters, especially those that don't live around them and learn about them. The bad flavor is not in the meat folks. It's in the Blood!
Take you meat and drop it into very cold water with a handful of rock salt and let it stand 24 hours. Do this before you butcher it and wrap it. It pulls out most of the blood. Throw out the 1st "bath" and do it again a 2nd day. Add ice to keep the meat cold. After that the meat is as good and probably better then most White tail deer you will eat.
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