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Very cool.
Nice buck.
The cheek patch looks unusually small, but it could just be the angle and lighting. ...Not that it matters.

How do they taste?
Prone Horn is a mild delicate flowered meat. Less gamey then deer if the animal is taken cleanly and the meat cooled quickly. By far and away my favorite big game meat.
Great buck! What’s the details on the hunt, range, caliber, wind, and such?
Taken cleanly and quickly is always important, but I think environmental stress and life-cycle can influence taste, as well.

My family tries very hard to make sure the carcasses and meat are handled as well as possible, but we still get a lot of variation in flavor - even with animals from exactly the same area (sometimes even with animals from the same herd, and taken at the same time).

Generally, I'd say Prairie Maggots taste somewhere between really gamey mule deer, with extra iron, and something like ... deer heart or elk liver? (Not as gamey, but very distinctive. -- If you've never tried heart, liver, tongue, cheeks, etc.; each of them tastes different than the rest of the animal.)

I don't know how else to try to put it into words... It's difficult to explain.

Antelope just don't taste like anything else. It has a very distinct flavor - which can vary depending upon environment, age, and sex, in my opinion.
The different taste isn't very surprising, though. Their diet is different than cervids, and they are very dependent upon sagebrush.

Most people don't like it. But, most people are given meat that wasn't properly handled in the field, or in transport. (Most seasons being open in August and September doesn't help people that don't realize they really need to get the meat cooled and can't hang it on a fence for 4-5 days...)

My family, almost universally, considers Speed Goats to be the best big game meat. But you won't catch us turning down some cow elk, either.
One of my favorite preparations is actually 1/4" thick slices, a light dusting in seasoned flour, an egg wash, a bath in the seasoned flour, and a quick trip through the deep fryer. There are plenty of excellent ways to use the meat (it's a big player in scratch-made stroganoff, in my house), but that is one of my favorites.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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