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I shot a lot of silhouette in the past. The Rams are set at 100 yards but the tough target for most folks is the Turkey at 75 yards. Back then, here is what shot the best and won the most.

1. Freedom Arms (That is easy, nothing shot better)
2. Dan Wesson: Very accurate, much less than Freedom Arms, and a plus was the interchangeable barrels
3. Ruger Single Six: A 9.5" barrel model was available and it shot good for the money
4. Smith & Wesson 17: They seemed to shoot fine but just wasn't a lot of them around. They were too expensive for a beginner gun, you could get a Dan Wesson for less that shot at least as well, and if you had the money you would move up to the Freedom Arms.

I started small bore revolver with a 9.5" Ruger. It was the convertible 22/22 mag. Still have it and it will group about 1.5" @ 50 yards with SK Std +. When I got more money I bought a Dan Wesson (8") and it has been the go to 22 revolver ever since. YMMV
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