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I dunno RC20 I have to disagree on the Lapua, I am a bit of a fanboy of theirs.
While I certainly defer to people and preferences, from my experience, its just not superior in any way to RP.

I have been shooting Lapua side by side with 308 and 30-06 for some time.

While I am in (Unclenick?) 1/2 MOA group, I don't see any difference with same bullets, same loads in side by side shooting.

The RP is holding up equally with the Lapua (as long as I anneal of course!)

The Lapua I got had dented case mouths, maybe 10% or a bit more. None of my RP has had that. That does not negate other possible qualities, but it sure is not my definition of quality control, I expect it to be perfect for the price.

On the other hand, I have PPU in 7.5, 308, 30-06 and none of those had dented case mouths bought new.

I would say its on par with RP and maybe a bit better clean up wise with PPU. They all weight close to the same.

The report I saw had it lasting no longer than RP in a stress test (and I don't have that link, drats).

The only one that really stood out was Norma. RP, Lapua were mid range and side by side. One or two other ones but don't remember which in roughly the same group/area.

RP is common range pickup or I get it once fired. Not bad for an equal that is just missing the blue box (grin)
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