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To produce accuracy everything needs to be the same or as close as you can get it
So when you annual your cases that makes them more consistent
And that improveves accuracy

You may only notice this at 300 yards and farther but it does help
That improvement may only be 5 or 10 % , but that much difference in competition can be the
All that's needed to win or get the next higher position

That difference in hunting, at longer ranges, can be the difference of a clean kill or just wounding

I had a friend annual 100 cases to try it
That experiment resulted In my purchase of an annealing machine

I now anneal-- 223, 308, 303, 3006, 243, 270, 7.62x54R, 6.5x55, 50BMG, 270 MAG, 300 MAG, 338MAG, 3030 and others
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