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I dunno RC20 I have to disagree on the Lapua, I am a bit of a fanboy of theirs.

I have a ziplock bag in my bench with some 8 year old Lapua Palma .308 cases that are north of 25X reloadings and the only problems I had with them was loose primer pockets from pushing 155.5 Bergers way too fast. Never had LC, Peterson, Starline, or Hornady last that long. I had some Norma in .204 that went north of ten before I quit shooting that cartridge. Those 308's were being shot during the time I annealed in a darkend room with a socket chucked in a cordless drill waiting for a dukll red glow. They still .5 MOA last time I loaded .308. I also have almost all of a hundred .260 cases that are north of ten, primer pocket issues have culled a hand full. The .223 Lapuas are in their teens also with all 100 are still shooting like new. I have never had any sort of case failure with Lapua other than the occasional sloppy primer pocket after running some hot loads

Never had any necks splits with any brand other than range pickup but I did have a neck separation and a head separation from two other brands as well as a coupel of split cases.

From here on out Lapua will probably be about only brass I will ever use in a target rifle. Nosler/Norma is the only other brand I would consider
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