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I don't want to try it myself and ruin the brass. It is all Lapua brass
Having played with it I agree and I also go with Unclenic/houndawg. It won't do anything for accuracy if you are a 1/2 MOA shooter like Unclenick and I am (most days!) but I have a pretty good target setup on my guns.

Annealing also is a learning curve and extremely anal if you are going to do it right.

So one of the threads the thread is : (there are others, just search Anneal or Annealing)

Just remember, anyone that says glowing is way off base, that is far too much.

Torch is not easy and the induction type also has a learning curve. I ruined brass with a torch (good enough for hunting though) and I have done fine with the induction but I snuck up on it very carefully and a lot of background with temp crayons and heating from my mechanical work.

Each time I run a batch I restest how long I induct it for and have 3 checkouts to ensure as best I can I am not over doing it.

Regardless, you never ever want to heat up the whole case as that soften the base that HAS to be hard. Anyone that talks about putting it in an oven for X amount of time is not just wrong, they are scary dangerous.

Cost wise you have to weigh shipping and their cost vs new brass.

I used mostly once fire RP and find that as good as Lapua.

Not to dis Lapua, but I think its over rated, the new stuff I get has to have an M die to fix the necks as about 10% are dented.

Norma is truly high grade stuff. For a 1/2 MOA shooter like I am on a normal day, not worth it.
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