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I have had about every quality 22 revolver made, except Korth and other high
end imports. When smoke clears it's always the S&W K22. I have 3, one pre 17
and two 17s. Newest one is one I originally got NIB in 1964. I got a couple m18s
and a m34 too. I had the whole line up of Colts too. Diamond back was the best
of the lot but k22 would out shoot in in my paws. I have had the Rugers too. I
still have a couple 3 screw Single-6s. They are accurate but not to compare with
match accuracy of K22. I find them better than SP 101s for accuracy. I don't do
stainless models but recently had a couple 617-6s, 10shot 4" that were very
nice shooters. Target accuracy= S&W, Hunting & plinking =Ruger, in new model
revolvers. I don't do Taurus or Rossie either but have had them on trade and
they are about the same as Charter Arms revolvers, 2nd class.
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