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Originally Posted by JohnKSa View Post
Interesting comments by Patrick Sweeney.
August 2017 Guns & Ammo
One Size Fits All Is A Lie [Most of the Time]
Patrick Sweeney

"...Having spent more than a half-century pulling triggers, I've shot just about every handgun known to man. I have fired far beyond a million rounds, and much of it was done in hard practice and stress-inducing matches."

"I do not point shoot, and anyone who does and advocates it is trying to sell you a bill of goods. (You get intentional hits only by aiming.)"
How does he define point shooting? Many who advocate it define it more as a target focus technique that is still a form of aiming, just not with a hard traditional sight picture. If he is talking about shooting with the gun down by the hip, below your peripheral vision, I don't think many people teach that for other than retention distance.
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