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I'd argue there's a difference between competition and life or death situations. I've done plenty of practice on timers and while the additional stress there is important and certainly beneficial, it was nothing compared to the force on force I've done (which is still not life or death). Then there's also the reality that many engagements are at contact distances and you might be trying to maintain control of your weapon. Those distances and situations aren't replicated in many competitions. I've done a variation of the 21 foot drill where we saw firsthand that while those differences on the timer we saw by shooting reflexively as opposed to sighted might not seem like much, they were enough to make the difference between having rounds on the target before it reached you and not having rounds on target. Time and distance all factor into using reflexive shooting.

I can't discount his experience, nor do I want to. What I've found in my not very long shooting career is that when it comes to shooting, opinions vary much like they do on any number of topics. Many skilled people often have very different opinions and believe in them completely. I have yet to figure out a foolproof way to determine which shooter, instructor, etc. has all the knowledge and is the one I should listen to. In the meantime I try to listen to all of them, at least give what they recommend an honest try, and then evaluate what seems to work best for me and my gear.

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