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A Wild Hog Story

Our deer lease is overrun with wild hogs to the detriment of deer. My newly planted game plot was trashed by rooting up the seed.

For a couple months two or more sounders visited a feeder nearly every night. There is also a fenced in feeder that hogs can't get to. Couple weeks ago i shut off the hanging feeder and started the fenced feeder. Also positioned two traps.

Yesterday afternoon i visited the lease. Baited and set two traps then went about other work until 18:00 when i entered the blind overlooking the area. Stayed in the blind until about 20:25. Nothing came in.

Cased my rifle and prepared to drive away, when some commotion took place near the trap. Uncased the rifle and drove within 15 yards of the trap. About 20 hogs were fussing over corn outside the trap. Lined up for a twofer and fired: A small pig and another hog that weighed about 80 pounds fell at the shot. Both soon jumped up and took off. Three hogs weighing about 80 pounds each were in the trap: They were shot.

Went back this morning: There were three dead hogs and two live hogs in the trap.

The other trap held a 275-300 pound boar with an attitude. He was shot and dragged off.

Shot the two 70 pound hogs in the first trap. Skinned and field dressed one for a friend.

Found the small pig shot last evening.

Set the traps again. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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