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Originally Posted by Roamin_Wade View Post
If you had to choose one round as the only round to hunt the lower 48 states with and whitetail deer, which would you choose and why? One dynamic of the question is elevation and possible distance shot. Let’s say 10’ stand and no further tha 250 yards.

1) 243 Win
2) 25-06
3) 6.5 mm Creedmoor
4) 270 Win
5) 7mm Rem Mag
6) 280 Rem
7) 30-30 Win
8) 308 Win
9) 30-06
10) 338 Win Mag

Don’t forget about the “why” in the question.

Thanks guys and gals...
For *general* hunting, I'd go with a 308 in a light rifle. But since you specified a stand you don't need a light rifle. If you don't need a light rifle, you don't need a 308. Since it's deer and no more than 250 yards, I'd go with a 270. Wide choice of rifles, ammo is available everywhere, plenty of power for deer, reasonable recoil.
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