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Originally Posted by The Big Game Hunter View Post
All of the listed cartridges will work just fine for your stated hunting situation. I'd personally lean towards either the .270 or the .30-06 though depending on what other hunts you may be going on in the future. If low recoil and a flat trajectory are your priority, go with the .30-06. If you foresee yourself hunting bigger animals like moose, then go with the .30-06.
Of the listed options, 30-06 hardly seems high on the list for flat trajectory. I would put it in 6th place at best. And the same for light recoil! Compared to the rest of the list, I would recommend at least 6 others for lighter recoil before the -06. Nothing against it, it's one of the greatest of all time, but not for those two criteria... not even close.

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