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Oh, and there seems to be a significant recoil difference between the 7mm-08 and .308 Win for those who count those numbers.
Very subjective.
Everyone perceives it differently.
(I'm not picking on you rodwhaincamo.)

Have three people shoot the same rifle, and they'll all have different opinions of the recoil. Ergonomics are a big factor, of course.

Even the same person can 'feel' things differently on different days, even if shooting with exactly the same equipment, position, and ammunition.

I have two Ruger 77 Mk IIs. One is a 7x57mm. One is a .270 Win. Same original factory configuration, except the .270 has a laminate stock.
Some days, the .270 feels brutal, while the 7x57 feels harsh but not terrible. -- Which is roughly what you'd expect from that cartridge comparison.
Other days, the .270 feels just fine, and the 7x57 feels nasty.
Then, some days (like yesterday), the .270 feels like a pussycat, and the 7x57 feels exactly the same.

Phases of the moon. What you had for breakfast. Hydration level. Irritation level. Caffeine level. And whether or not Jupiter is in the Second House. ...Seemingly all are things that temporarily influence one's perception of recoil.

(I don't consider the difference between 7mm-08 and .308 Win to be notable, for the record. The difference is generally less than 1 lb-ft for similar-weight bullets.)
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