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Oh, and there seems to be a significant recoil difference between the 7mm-08 and .308 Win for those who count those numbers.

In essence a lower recoiling cartridge capable of the same penetration but with a bit flatter trajectory and better wind drift numbers. Win win in my opinion, and yet still capable of large game.

And this is a big part of why I feel the 7mm-08 Rem is the most ideal cartridge. Unfortunately it still isn’t extremely popular and commercial ammo doesn’t give many options (and possibly none in some places) in stores.

Commercial ammo only I’d go with the .308 Win (and still Ackley Improve it for .30-06 Sprg performance). But I’d seriously compare it to .260 Rem as well (and AI that too), especially if one were considering only medium game (I wouldn’t because I know how good elk taste and would push for and jump on an opportunity):

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