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This is where the facts vary from people with wartime combat experience. With all due respect to their service, those experiences might not apply to many domestic self-defense situations. You're not going to be walking around in full battle rattle with an AR in an area populated by known enemy attackers.
This is a fallacy and without basis in reality. There is no difference. While Hollywood and fantasy may depict warfare as two mighty combatants fighting it out on equal terms that is a rare occurrence in battle.

Warfare for both sides mostly consists of catching your enemy completely off guard and unable to resist being murdered.

In fact whatever WWII veteran said, "99% boredom punctuated by seconds of sheer terror" is totally accurate.

The only difference is mindset.

If you choose to leave your weapon in your hootch, the GMV,your nightstand at home, your weapon safe, or glove compartment then it will not be available when you need it most.

If you choose to treat Immediate action Drills, training exercises, and weapon qualifications as something to be tolerated and survived or if you do not train with your Carry Weapon as you carry it, shoot to proficiency, practice magazine changes, etc.....

Then you as a CCW holder will reap the consequences and fight as you train just like any combat soldier. While there are so many who pray to the combat fairy....she does not exist.

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