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'yotes, gobblers and shells

I missed this thread when it first ran, but the experiences of others calling gobblers, and having a 'yote show up matches my own. I've also bumped into 'yotes as I closed in to calling distance on a gobbling tom, the 'yote also maneuvering to close and ambush the gobbler as well. I've also heard stories of 'yotes tumbling turkey decoys.

Regards ammo, I've got a box of Hevi T-buck Dead Coyote which seems promising, and for a long time, I had a pretty good supply of #4Buck, but I've shot most of that up. Patterning tells me that either would likely fold a coyote out to 40-50 yds with proper gun, choke , and patterning, that is where most of mine went. The T-buck Hevi is expensive, no more of that for me. MIdway has Hornady seasonal run 3" BB loads available in their last sale catalog, fairly priced, I may buy some of it. The #4Buck is common in a lot of stores and affordable, I'd see it as a default if my gun shot it well.

I would not use heavier buck, (read here 00 buck) on purpose, for 'yotes. Just patterns too thin in any gun I've tried .
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