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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca
What is the delay never cleared? You would have held his money indefinitely? Even though the law says you can release the gun in the delay doesn't change to a denial withing three days?

That doesn't sound like a store I'd want to do business with.
No, both stores released a delay after 3 business days. The restocking fee was charged if we were holding a gun for a customer who was waiting on a delay and they decided to cancel the sale either because the delay was taking too long (even though we were willing to release it after 3 business days) or because the delay came back as a denial. However, both stores were willing to hold the gun free of charge while the customer either waited on a delay or challenged a denial. In the case of a denial, that sometimes ended up taking over a year.

The purpose of the restocking fee was to discourage people from using our store to simply test the background check system. We didn't want people who had no interest in actually buying a gun, but simply wanted to find out if they could pass a background check. In both cases I didn't agree with how high the restocking fee was, but that was the owners' call, not mine.
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