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The reasons vary by state it seems. I have a problem with my FBI record that shows two charges that are 40 years old but no resolution. I was never charged in either case but I was arrested because I had a beef going with a local sherriff. Short story, the records no longer exist that would clear the charges so I'm stuck between a hard spot and a rock. Everytime I buy a firearm it goes to 3 day delay and then comes back as "Unresolved". If the FFL is willing, I have to wait 24 hours and then I can pickup the firearm. I deal with the same FFL and it's a standing joke.

Oddly enough, the authorities making the decision said it happens to a lot of people in Nevada and that I needn't worry since I have been permanently marked as unresolved and unless I do something to stupid, I will never be denied. They also said that if I want to avoid this I should go get a Conceald Carry permit. That process is different and items that can never be resolved are discarded.
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