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quite a few years back, a friend of mine started getting "Delayed" on the check (Fed system). He was a bit torqued, he hasn't had so much as a traffic ticket in over 50 years!!! He has NO criminal record of any kind.

He contacted the Feds, went through some variation of the appeal process, I guess. The "Delay" turned out to be because his file was "flagged".

When a flag pops up, the person running the check STOPS, and turns it over to a higher level (manager) for a determination. This can take time, depending on the efficiency of the system, and the people involved.

He did get things resolved, turned out the reason his file was flagged was that he had held a Q level security clearance!!! (that's a higher level than "Top Secret"). The Feds gave him a PIN, and now he doesn't get delayed.

Some times a delay happens because the system has 7 "John Smith"s and more information is needed, so its delayed until the info is obtained. Adding the buyer's SSN usually prevents this. If not, getting a PIN from the Fed (or the state running the check?) is the fix.

It shouldn't take a lawyer, but using one sometimes has a greater effect than not using one.
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