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Originally Posted by catzan View Post
I asked they said no. you have to wait.
Well then that’s the answer. They have that right. They might be ignorant, or that might be their policy. Either way, you can’t fight them on it.

There is no legal provision for an “indefinite” delay. It’s 3 days, response or no. No response is not “indefinite”, the law specifically allows transfer after 3 days, as long as the response does not get CHANGED to denied. It can either be changed to “denied”, changed to “proceed” or no response is implicit “proceed”. There is no “indefinite”.

It should be said, I suppose, that technically a denial can come back after the 3 days, after the transfer has potentially already taken place. However, it is no longer the dealers responsibility at that point. If the firearm must be... uh... “repossessed”, it is the FBI’s problem.
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