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I'm not doubting your word. Was just curious.

Are you sure it's not refurbished? Most were refurbished as part of Soviet "busy work," then stored away in cosmoline until Russia ran out of money to warehouse them.

After that, they sold them off at scrap prices, and that's how we got the really inexpensive Mosins.
I found this, that is the sort of info/reference that works.

They also used MN barrels for PPS machine guns. Beat up, broken ones would be ideal.

My dad got me an MN when I was a kid, I think he sort of lost his senses, it was more a joke. Then he realized we had a real gun that could wind up with a cartridge in it.

The firing pin got cut off and I was not allowed to point it at anyone (ok, that really wrecks playing combat)

While it was not shot out you could see the wear on it. Samuel Cummings pickup for sure, probably from Spain. Pr WWII dated and likely the War in Spain.

I sold it a while back to someone who wanted a higher quality barreled receiver pre War. Not much money but got put to use the way it should
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