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hmmm,,,i know a shot gun will get it done,,,i have killed yotes while turkey hunting too,,,

my favorite was,,,my ol hunting buddy and me were walking out one day,,,down a haul road in southern Ohio twards the truck,,,road took a sharp right up ahead about 75-80 yrds,,,,we were standing in the road talking game plan for the next day,,,he always used an old duck model 12,,,for me i used a 10ga. double,,,and i used federal copper buffered #6, 2.5oz,,,,but i always had a few of the same in #2 and 4buck,,,just in case,,,,anyway i just happened to look back up the road and there stood ol mr. yote looking over into a clear cut,,,i unlatched the double and took the 6's out and slipped in a pair of 2's,,,closing on the way to my shoulder and i thought my thumb was going to catch the lever for a quiet close,,,nope,,,when it snicked shut he looked dead at us just as the hammer fell,,,,killed him where he stood,,,,my buddy was always giving me grief about the turkey cannon that needed a set of wheels,,,funny never head about that to much since,,,he has said if he wouldnt have seen it he wouldnt believe it

have killed 2 with 12ga. slugs while deer hunting,,,and several with 223

so ,,i know you can kill them with a shotgun,,i just dont think i want the big 10 laying around all the time,,but it may come to that,,,the 2 coyotes i have seen in the past week were out in the field,,,maybe 80-100 yrds,,,i did get some 12ga, 3" bb's at the farm store the other day,,,my problem is ,,,well maybe not a problem,,,but if i shoot at them i want to kill them,,,,not have them go off somewhere and have a painful and lingering death

just to close to the house for me,,,,if they dont go away then im gona kill them,,,just that simple

thx guys

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