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I never really had satisfactory results using a shotgun on coyotes. A memorable failure(I consider it so anyway) went like this: I was turkey hunting, called in a nice gobbler and shot him @25 yards DRT. Super full choke with 2 ounces of #4 will do that-no question.
Before I could get up to retrieve the bird, a coyote ran in , grabbed the turkey and started to run off. I pumped another shell in the gun, the yote dropped the turkey at the sound, and I blasted the yote at approx the same range as I had killed the turkey. Expecting the same result, I was surprised as the coyote simply ran off and was out of range before I could rack in another shell.
Since I was sitting in a little thicket with open ground all around, I watched the coyote run almost 200 yards before he began to falter and finally fell but got up again and was gone. The only coyote I ever killed with a shotgun was hit by a single #4 Buck pellet behind the ear as it ran past while pursued by hounds--all the others simply ran off.
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