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MOA on m91/30 Mosin Nagant

I recently purchased a semi sporterized m91/30. It has been drilled and tapped, with a rail mount on the receiver to accept a scope. The guy before me shot tons of corrosive ammo through it and failed to clean it. When I bought it, it looked like a 30 year old iron sewer pipe. After days of cleaning the bore it looks decent with medium pitting. I took it out to the range today and sighted it in fairly good at 100 yards. I think I am saying this right, but it was about 2 MOA at 100 yards with a 9x power scope. Or, about a 2-3 inch diameter bullet pattern at 100 yards. Is this decent for a pitted Mosin at 100 yards, with a 25$ tasco scope? And excuse me if I am mistaking what MOA means. That is why I included to say that the diameter of the bullet pattern was about 2-3 inches, with 7 shots.

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