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If you break down the design of the RPR vs the Predator you will see some nuances that lend to , in my opinion, greater off shelf accuracy. This said you could buy a RAP and make it into a similar beast as RPR:

First the "lower" or the stock the RPR "sits" in. More like it just attaches to the Action and Barrel. There is nothing to "bed" or worry about when firing the RPR in terms of settling back into the same spot for repeatability. In the RAP the Action and barrel sit in a stock that after a firing could find the whole thing sitting millimeters off from its last point when you fired. This minute variable means everything isn't the same and hence a good chance the next shot will be "different" now bedding with the V blocks help but again its not perfect, and screws get loose etc. In the RPR the barrel has no real worry in terms of if its "free floating". Harmonics / vibration of the barrel is unobstructed and 360 degrees free to do as it needs. In traditional rifles only the top 180 degrees is fully free and you can take measures to free float it in the stock. Ultimately though given factory materials/stocks after just a few firings and things begin heating up and expansion happens...well you can see that the occasional touch can and does happen in factory stocks of that quality...leading to obstructed harmonics and that pesky "-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- happened to that shot" syndrome.
Lastly the weight of the RPR lends itself to very comfortable recoil management and with the adjustability of pull and comb along with surprisingly good trigger..the RPR is just easy to get behind and I find I am much more relaxed when I shoot mine vs my 308 Savage FV ( which shoots amazing as well after the TLC and new stock)
I just acquired a RAP in 6mm and will be doing the step approach to see how each change effects the original out of the box performance.
Wonder if Rueger will ever make a RPR in 300 WM?
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