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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
I have both the Ruger Precision Rifle and the Ruger American Preditor in 6.5 CM.

You would be suprised to learn shooting both, there really isnt a difference in Accuracy between the two. Both are extremely accurate.

Not sure I would have gotten the RPR had I bought the RAP first.

The Ruger American Predators are a steal. Basically the same action and barrel as the Ruger Precision. The Boyds AT-One gives one an inexpensive adjustable stock if you desire those features. Or, if you just need to adjust cheek weld, the $30-$50 kydex riser kits work well.

I have had three RPRs, sold two and upgraded most of the parts on the third outfitted as in integrally suppressed .308Win. They are a good starter rifle if you need a chassis for matches and in reality, they will take most as far as they want to go, same with the Savages. The Tikka and Bergara are better rifles in terms of fit and finish as well as accuracy.

If your budget is in the $500ish range, Ruger American Predator. If it is in the $1000+ range, look at the Bergara. HMR (mini-chassis stock) or BMP (chassis). The BMP is a few steps up from the RPR, but well worth the extra coin.
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