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But would like to "build" a rifle as I don't have much I own and would be great to have something to my taste. Just have to keep looking to see if better prices can be found.
While the direction I went is different, I did use the Savage to build up 3 rifles in calibers I wanted to shoot.

I got a 12FV, put a XCB Bull barrel on it and a EABS Thumb Hole Stock (much like the Boyds but not nearly as good)

I turned a Savage 1xx with a detectable magazine into a single shot (and a Top Bolt Release) and a 7.5 x 55 Swiss barrel (Walther Lother Heavy Varmint) with a Boyds TH stock.

The least converted one was a 30-06 with the Featherweight Savage Factory (110 BTH) Boyds stocks with a Bull 30-06 barrel.

While I don't care for it, you can get a Boyds all in 1 stock.

Other options are to get both adjustable length and an adjsutalb cheek rise on any of the Laminated Boyds stocks.

That includes the Prairie Varmint if I am remembering it right that has what I call the Super Grip vs a TH. I got to shoot one of those latter and liked it as well as the TH.

Barrel changes are easy and tools low cost.

Not trying to push, lots of choices and directions to go.

I havn't shot one of the Savage Chasis types, I did shoot the RPR. I thought I would like the Grip but did not do anything for me.

But then I just single load and setup the 7.5 Swiss deliberately as a single load. For what I do the magazine doesn't help, others it works for.
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