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I was doing a quick search and tried to look at options for changing stocks, grips, etc. and came across this site if I were planning on "building". I have not thoroughly searched the site/have to make sure it would fit but it did have what would interest me if I were to get the 10T:

But it seems that I would end up spending much more vs getting RPR. Perhaps, would need to suck it up and not go that route and get something more simple such as a Boyd's stock or get a 12FV 6.5 creedmore and go from there or build off the 12FV .223 instead. Choices, choices... which one is better for me.... lol.

But would like to "build" a rifle as I don't have much I own and would be great to have something to my taste. Just have to keep looking to see if better prices can be found.
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