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Originally Posted by FITASC View Post
Why would she be doing that instead of hunkering down behind the bed, calling 911, and pointing the muzzle of a shotgun at the door?
Good point. It depends on the situation but if I heard a noise in the late hours of the night, for example, I might be prone to investigate before calling the police. I don't think she has overnight guests over often but if she did, she might be forced to check on them at night to see if they are all right. If its just her and it sounds bad, I'm all for hunkering down and calling the police
You might because I will bet you have had some training. From the little we have been told, she does not seem to be one to go "all in" in that regard. So, either a 20 gauge or a pistol carbine would be good choices - if nothing else, their size seems more intimidating to a bad guy than a small handgun - and as mentioned, they are easier to control and shoot.
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