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My daughters both went thru firearms training, when they...


When the eldest headed to college, she & I went to the store and she handled a couple of snub-nose. and decided on a Charter Arms, Undercover revolver.

Youngest moved out she asked for a sidearm, so I handed a M60 and went to indoor range for practice. Now, she has a LCP first generation.

My general reply to this question is a 4" .357 Mag revolver, and start shooting with wadcutters to lessen recoil and understand the fundamentals of SIGHT ALIGNMENT and triggger control. as they get comfortable, then use good quality hollow-point ammo and practice the S.A. and trigger control.

If they really are comfortable to try .357 ammo, just repeat process.

If they decide to forget it, then they can sell it as a .357Mag and get a better return from buyer.

Also, if they have never shot a sidearm, thne get some NEW tennis balls and
start squeezing them, with thumb and next finger opposite to get fingers and wrist muscle id tone.

Good luck.
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