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The women in my family hate DA revolvers. I know they are recommended all the time for women because of their simplicity, but there is nothing about a semi that a woman can't understand as well as a man. I reject the idea of a "woman's gun," because their needs and preferences vary just as much as the other half of the population.

For house defense only, there is no reason to go small. A full sized or near full sized semi in 9 mm would be a good candidate. My ladies are particularly fond of a PX4 Compact in my safe. (It actually belongs to one of my daughters, but she lives in a handgun-hostile locale and keeps it with me.) That is more an example than a recommendation, though. 9 mm, smooth trigger, fairly easy to work the slide, with changeable back straps to adjust to hand size. My daughter also prefers a thumb safety. Those are the features she is going to have to consider, and make her selection.
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