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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
First, I’d establish a realistic budget of what they can afford to own and train with (i.e. not just the gun, but ammo cost, securing it, slings, holsters, cases, etc.)

Second, are they going to carry it? Because the main point of a handgun is to sacrifice power and accuracy for convenience. If you aren’t going to make use of the convenience then why sacrifice? Likewise, long guns are usually right out the door if you plan to carry them.

Once, you’ve got that sorted out try out as many different firearms as you can within your budget/use parameters and let the new shooter picks what works for them. If we all had the same needs, we wouldn’t have several thousand different firearms.
No, she won't carry the weapon for the foreseeable future. My impression is she'll stick in the sock drawer or closet and it won't see the light of day unless it hits the fan or I make her practice My main concern with long guns is there are a few spots in her place where wielding one would be difficult. Another concern is maintenance. Although I will try and practice with her, I don't want a long period of time to lapse with respect to maintaining the weapon which is why a revolver made some sense to me.
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