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Stepdaughter --- is mom on board with this idea?
(just wondering)
My daughter in law is pretty firm on the idea that her kids (she's got 4 sons & my son has a son and daughter) and guns ain't gonna happen...
My son and I agree with her 100% on this. Her sons are,,to be kind...goofy.

But - I digress and veer off the path here.

Assuming it's a go on everything, I'd take her to the store and have her browse through what's there and handle as much as she can.
You can explain the pros and cons of each.

Heck, she might even show a preference towards a long arm. Nothing wrong at all with a .22 rifle. Every month there's stories in the NRA magazine where someone with a .22 rifle foils a home crime or drives off an intruder.
If push comes to shove....10 to 17 rounds of .22 CCI Mini Mags can put a world of hurt on someone real quick..
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