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A little back round . I have loved to shoot all my life started when I was very small .
Yes I have bought a lot of guns but got really into it the 1984 . In 84 I had a kidney transplant and was told by the doctor life as you have been doing it is over . That is when I really got to shooting a lot . I spent my first year after the transplant shooting and shooting every day . I shot six or seven day a week even in the winter all 44 mag mostly lead . I have been retired over ten years have a range in the back yard and use it every day . I shoot steel got tired of paper targets and shoot most all winter . Yes I have broke a lot of guns I shot the chamber out of three Thomson Center 44 Mag barrels in a year . Having tried about every Revolver in 44 Mag The Ruger is the one if I could keep it shooting . I will be 71 years old this year I still have very good eyes and will shoot until I can,t
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