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Keybear, are you keeping track of how many rounds are fired before each screw breaks? I know it sounds ridiculous.... I know I wouldn't bother counting, at least not until it became a recurring problem, which it is for you. It must be perplexing knowing that for many of us, it has simply never happened.
I'm using 250-255 grain bullets for at least 95% of the rounds fired through my Vaquero. My standard woods load is 255 grain cast at 1075 fps. I never go below 840 in my lightest target loads; usually I'm at 950 and above. Occasionally I still get in the neighborhood of 1200 fps and for years now, I don't go any higher. I've had this revolver for about 21 years. In the beginning, screws would loosen with use. Acetone and loctite fixed that, and I have never broken the ejector housing screw, though it was the primary screw to loosen with use. Mysterious that you are having this problem while I am not.
You must be firing a heck of a lot of rounds..... but that's what it was made for.
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