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Well, KEYBEAR, it sounds like you are doing a heck of a lot of shooting. I shoot my Vaquero as much as I can, but it's likely a fraction of what you are doing. Still, I probably have 10,000 rounds through this one....
Trying to be helpful, I'm wondering if my stainless screw has a greater shear-strength than a blued steel screw?
Since I haven't had such a bad problem with this issue, I'm guessing that you are still running quite a few very hot loads though the gun?
Even so, a Super-Blackhawk is supposed to take full-power 44 magnum ammo....
Another alternative idea: How about have a gunsmith drill and tap the hole to a slightly larger screw that can be had in grade 8 or 10 alloy tool-steel?
It all must be frustrating, but it's hard to feel terribly sorry for someone that gets to go shooting a whole lot more than me.
Good luck with it and let us know what solution works out best.
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