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Originally Posted by Spats McGee
I want a dry suppressor. I read up on wet and dry ones a while back and have no interest in a wet one, as long as dry ones are available.
Wet suppressors -- as in suppressors that are specifically designed to be shot wet -- are uncommon. A few specialty mini 9mm silencers (like the DeGroat Nano or the AWC Abraxas) require water or another ablative to allow them to approximate the sound of a normal full-sized centerfire pistol can shot dry.

You can shoot any pistol or rimfire can wet if you want and it will be a little quieter for a bit, but it's too messy to be worth it for most people (especially with how dirty rimfire ammo is).

Originally Posted by Spats McGee
What's the word on the Thunder Beast Arms 22 Take Down? This one looks awfully good, too.
Thunder Beast excels at making lightweight centerfire precision rifle cans. In that category, they're some of the best cans on the market. I'm not terribly impressed by their other cans, though they seem fine.

I don't have any personal experience with their .22 cans, but based simply on a picture of it disassembled, their .22 Takedown seems to be a good can. Though based on their baffle design I'd put my money on the Mask being a little bit quieter if I were forced to bet on it. Otherwise the two cans are remarkably similar: Same tube material, same baffle material, same grooves in the outside of the baffles for easier removal from the tube when dirty.
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