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Thank you all for your time and attention in this. I got to digging around this morning, and I ran across this article. If you read many of my posts, you know I'm susceptible to paralysis by analysis. Or in German, "die Qual der Wahl." I'm trying really hard to avoid getting bogged down in that, but there are still a few points I'd like to clarify:

1) I want a dry suppressor. I read up on wet and dry ones a while back and have no interest in a wet one, as long as dry ones are available.

2) I was kind of hoping that the Ruger suppressor was taking the world by storm. I've always prided myself on being a "function over form" kind of guy, but this is a luxury purchase. I'm allowing myself to consider the Cool Factor a little more than usual, and I think it'd be cool to have my suppressor match my hosts, which are both Rugers.

3) Even with all of that said, the Dead Air Mask looks good! If I'm not going to match my suppressor to my guns (which I just might not), this one certainly looks to be a top contender.

4) What's the word on the Thunder Beast Arms 22 Take Down? This one looks awfully good, too.

Thanks in advance.
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