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W/o going into all the tiny details, it's not difficult to DIY a satisfactory rim fire suppressor. I have 2 Form 1 units that work as good if not better than factory made. Both exhibit less FRP and handle the 17HMR better than our factory made unit. The cost not including my time amounts to around $50 each and would be less if I had access to a good lathe.
The Ruger line is (IMHO) the best overall host prospects. Buying a factory threaded 10-22 barrel has become more costly lately but there are shops doing a good job for $55-75. The Ruger 22/45 is an excellent choice and it can also be aftermarket threaded for approx the same $$.
Nobody I know would thread a rim fire to anything except 1/2x28 although there are some "foreign sales" Ruger rifles around using a 1/2x20 but adapters are available for nearly any pattern.
Wet vs dry? I tried wet and it's a messy low return deal. Only mafia hitmen go that route.
Db reduction? Plan to use sub-sonic ammo for best results. Not a big handicap for most users although we notice a significant drop at longer ranges vs HV ammo.
On a side note, I'm in the pest control business and I've found (surprisingly) that the 17HMR supresses quite well. The tiny streamlined bullet displays less sonic signature than the typical 22lr HV bullet so reducing the muzzle blast is the major issue.
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